What makes our Tapee Tea so special?


What makes our Tea so special? When you purchase from us, you can be confident that the Tea comes directly from the local Thai market. You’ll receive exactly the same Tea enjoyed by thousands of people in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, and other Asian countries. We acknowledge the unfortunate existence of counterfeit products in the market, but with us, you can trust that you are getting the Original Tapee Tea.

We believe in full transparency. Our Tea has been rigorously tested and does not contain any illegal substances, such as steroids. You’ll still be amazed at the powerful impact this Tea can have on your health. Experience the genuine benefits and taste of Tapee Tea with us!


What Makes Us the Best Choice?


Welcome to the official, authorized, and exclusive distributor of Thephi Herbal Drink, otherwise known as Tepee or Tapee Tea, the premier pain relief tea in North America and Europe!

Shopping with us guarantees:

✔️ Best Quality

✔️ Fast shipping from US and Canada

✔️ Always the best price

99% of our orders are processed within the first 12 hours! Your satisfaction is our priority!


Love it ! So happy wit the result.  Feel big relief with my lower back pain, Recommended! 


Super friendly customer service and super fast delivery! Thank you so much for the gift! 


Life safer tea! Not big fan of the taste but bit of honey helps! My 3rd order and all of them went super smooth! 


Thai Herbal Pain Relief Tea


Thai Organic Herbal Tea – STEROIDS FREE

Tepee Tea (or Thephi Tea) is a well-known and highly regarded beverage.

Each teabag weighs 6 g.

Tepee Tea can help with:
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