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Is Tapee Tea safe?

Is Tapee Tea safe? Why is Tapee Tea associated with the FDA? If you’ve landed in this section, you’ve probably come across ongoing rumors or information from the FDA website about the tea.

Here’s the breakdown of the good and bad news:

Bad News:

The surge in tea’s popularity has unfortunately led some individuals to exploit this trend by producing counterfeit Tapee Tea. Numerous uncontrolled small factories in Thailand and other Asian countries have started producing fake Tapee Tea. The widespread popularity and significant market for this natural herbal drink have fueled competition among these small illegal laboratories, each vying to create the most effective tea. While the concept was sound, the methods employed were not. In their pursuit of the desired effects, some producers began incorporating synthetic ingredients, including steroids. Despite the continued growth in the popularity of tea, the unfortunate consequence was the harm caused to consumers by these illegal substances.

Every factory or company in Thailand that produces and markets products, including cosmetics and foods, is required to obtain a Thai FDA license. In June 2023, the Thai FDA revealed the discovery of an illegal laboratory operating without a license. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that not only was the lack of a license an issue, but illegal substances, such as piroxicam, were also added to the tea.

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Good News:

Does this mean the original Tapee Tea, approved by the Thai FDA, does not contain any drugs or illegal substances? That’s correct! The original Tapee Tea does not contain any illegal substances or steroids. The true power and positive effects of this tea stem from Mother Nature herself and a carefully curated mix of 15 different herbs! Sattisca as a official and authorized seller can deliver Tepee Tea right to you step door! 

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Sattisca take pride in the quality, effectiveness, and safety of our products, ensuring they undergo rigorous testing and secure approval from the relevant authorities. Dive into our Tapee Tea range right here.

The swift pain relief and potential health perks of Tapee Tea are a result of our thoughtful selection of natural ingredients, featuring Derris scandens, Red Sage, Astragalus, Sappanwood, Thai Black Ginger, Chaplu leaf, and more. These components serve as a treasure trove of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and minerals, not just contributing to overall well-being but also playing a role in warding off and reversing various age-related ailments. It’s crucial to note that while Tapee Tea brings these benefits, it’s not a medicinal product and shouldn’t replace the advice of healthcare professionals.

In response to reports and suggestions, and as a part of our commitment to openness, our esteemed Tapee Tea producers, much like our trusted partners, wholeheartedly embrace stringent quality assurance processes. These include the careful sourcing of premium ingredients from certified suppliers and unwavering compliance with industry standards and regulations. This deep-rooted dedication ensures that Thai Tapee Tea maintains its status as a safe, reliable, and authentic product for you, our valued consumers.

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