Tepee, Tapee, or Thephi? Which one is the real one?



Alright, picture this: you’ve just stumbled upon a miraculous tea during your vacation in Thailand, where friendly locals graciously offered you a cup. Turns out, this magical potion worked wonders for your joints and muscle pains, leaving you eager to make it a part of your daily routine. However, as you delve into the vast realm of the internet, the names – Tapee, Tepee, or perhaps Thephi – start to blur, and confusion sets in. Which one should you choose? Which tea is “the one” that will genuinely deliver the promised benefits?
In a nutshell, all those names are essentially correct. The challenge lies in the fact that the original name of this Thai tea is not easily translatable, given the distinct Thai language and alphabet. Consequently, multiple versions of the name have emerged. The crucial factor, though, is the source of the tea. With its unique properties and effects, this tea has become a target for imitation, often resulting in poor-quality, and sometimes even dangerous, imitations. Fortunately for you, you’ve landed in the right place!

The Heart of Thai Tapee Tea

We are a certified distributor of this extraordinary tea, directly from the producer with no middle person involved. Our tapee tea is not only approved by the Thai FDA but is also in the process of obtaining approval in North America and Europe. In the meantime, we’ve taken the extra step to ensure its authenticity. We commissioned a certified laboratory to conduct tests, and the results speak for themselves – our tea is free from any illegal substances, consisting of pure 100% organic herbs!
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